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If you’re going to blog, blog.

I’ve been involved with a particular health and beauty client for more than ten years. We’ve been through a couple web site iterations together. A few weeks ago, we were discussing some easy things they could do to liven up their current site. This particular client had their latest site built to be a content […]

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Spring is springing!

Clean up your written copy for spring! Hire a writer today!

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Hot Town, Summer Copy Sizzles

You caught me… I’m not much of a lyricist! And while I may wish I had the mad musical writing skills of Bernie Taupin or Mac McAnally, I simply don’t. So, I’ll stick to what I’m good at: Writing copy that motivates people… So, here you are, reading about a non-musical copywriter. What’s the hook? […]

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Update your copy for Spring

Birds are chirping. Tulips are blooming. Spring is springing. What a wonderful time to dust the cobwebs off the copy on your website, corporate brochure or other sales copy! Sure, everyone talks about “spring cleaning” around the house…but what has that sort of spring cleaning ever gotten you? A happier spouse? A cleaner garage? More […]