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Just a little English

I’m not sure about you, but there’s one thing that makes me question a seemingly decent product on Amazon: A terribly written, quasi-English product description. Over the weekend I was about to pull the trigger on some discount gadget — it was a few bucks cheaper than similar gadgets. The glaring difference was that this […]

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Mid May Writin’ Blues

Mid May. Years ago, this was my favorite time of the year. You could smell it in the hallways at school. Summer. Almost. Anticipation. Freedom was right around the corner…but we weren’t quite there. There was still work to be done…but there was a light…a bright light…at the end. Do you miss those days? Man, […]

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It’s 10PM. What’s Your Copy Doing For You?

It’s 10PM, where’s your copy at? Better yet, what’s it doing for you? Earlier today, I was speaking with a client who is working on some sales collateral. It reminded me that it wasn’t too long ago that on-demand information wasn’t possible. If you wanted more information about a product, you had to make a […]