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Just a little English

I’m not sure about you, but there’s one thing that makes me question a seemingly decent product on Amazon: A terribly written, quasi-English product description.

Over the weekend I was about to pull the trigger on some discount gadget — it was a few bucks cheaper than similar gadgets. The glaring difference was that this product’s description seemed to be run through some evil version of Google Translate to the point that I wasn’t sure if it was a USB charging station or a shoe polisher.

I went with the more expensive gadget that had a product description that made sense. Wouldn’t you?

Make your product an easy choice – don’t skimp on ensuring that your product descriptions are well-written. Regardless of whether your native tongue is English, making sure your product descriptions make sense is an important part of the sales process.

If you’ve done the initial setup, these are fixes that a native English speaker/writer can make in a matter of minutes per product listing. We can take your product listing, and with a few keystrokes your product description will look as good as your product!