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Update your copy for Spring

Birds are chirping. Tulips are blooming. Spring is springing.

What a wonderful time to dust the cobwebs off the copy on your website, corporate brochure or other sales copy!

Sure, everyone talks about “spring cleaning” around the house…but what has that sort of spring cleaning ever gotten you? A happier spouse? A cleaner garage? More room? Let’s run with that one for a minute…

More room. More space to be filled with new stuff. How are you going to afford that new stuff if your website and corporate brochure aren’t pulling in business like they used to?

That’s right, without money-making copy on your website and corporate brochure, all of your spring cleaning at home will be for naught. Who wants to spring clean in vain? Certainly not you.

One quick e-mail to yours truly for a copy tune-up and you can make sure that your house stays full of stuff.

Who can argue with that logic?