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Holiday Szn

It seems like the holidays come quicker every year.

If you’re like me, you have a love/hate relationship with the holidays.

Mine’s mostly a love relationship though.

I love the season, and hate that it’s over too quickly.

I also enjoy looking at the haphazard English that’s all over the interwebs advertising this and that.

Like the t-shirt says – BUT WHY?

Why, why, why? There are plenty of decent English writers who could use a gig to help pay for their holiday gifts! Support one!

In my work with overseas brands, I’ve noticed that most have a pretty good grasp of English and just need a bit of finesse and polish on what they translate.

Here are a couple I saw today in about ten minutes of shopping on Amazon…

“Benefits of E26 led bulb without vintage lose” …at the very least, they could have gotten a chuckle if they delivered the benefits of an E26 bulb without a vintage loser, but no.
So close…
Wait, what? I guess the English is okay, but what? I got this when searching for “20 foot Christmas inflatable”… Whoever wrote this should rethink it.