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Freelance Copywriter Ready for You!


…if you’re looking for a solid copywriter with a quirky sense of humor, you’re in the right place.

I’m John Laing and I’m that guy.

I write and produce for clients around the world. In fact, if you use brand name products or spend much time online, you’ve probably seen or interacted with my work. Contact me!

What do I write?

  • Promotion ideation / concepts
  • Campaign ideation / concepts
  • Corporate brochure copy
  • Web site copy
  • High-performing CPA landing page copy
  • Squeeze pages that work
  • Training materials
  • Product launch materials
  • Written materials for e-businesses
  • Catalog copy
  • Media releases

What do I produce?

  • Corporate videos (write & produce)
  • Training videos (write & produce)
  • Promotional overviews
  • Event recaps

Who do I write for?

Agencies, businesses and start-ups. Confidentiality agreements prevent me from disclosing the majority of my client list, however, here is a partial list of client industries. An asterisk next to an industry indicates that I have written for one of the top three manufacturers (or brands)  in that industry; A + indicates that I have written for multiple clients in that industry.

  • Health & beauty *+  (my work includes makeup, deodorant, vitamins, toothpaste, lotions, soap, OTC meds & femcare)
  • Food *+ (my work includes frozen entrees, shelf-stable entrees, soup, branded produce, salty snacks/chips & more)
  • Other CPG *+ (my work includes cleaners, disinfectant sprays, tissue, toilet paper, disposable plates, detergent, batteries & more)
  • Small electrics *+ (coffee makers, electric tools & battery-operated floor cleaners)
  • Fast food *+
  • Automotive *+
  • Telecom / Long distance *
  • Service providers + (testing services, billing services, psychological service providers, entertainment companies & more)
  • Direct marketers + (misc. direct to consumer and business to business companies who market products primarily via direct mail, direct response television and online squeeze pages.)
  • Technology *+ (computer equipment & software)
  • Apparel +
  • Financial  +

I also help help international companies Americanize their copy.

How can you put my skills to work for your company or brand?

It’s easy. Contact me! (Yes! It’s that easy! Just a call or a click is all it takes to put 15-years of copy writing experience to work on your brand!)

What happens next?

When you contact me, I’ll ask you a few questions about your project to make sure it’s a good fit. If I think it’s a good fit and you feel that I’m a good fit, we’ll talk about fees. On the first project, I will generally give you a flat fee for the project, rather than an hourly rate. If you still like me after we talk about fees (and don’t worry, you probably will), I’ll get started on your project.

Am I too small of a client?

Of course not! If you need high-quality, professional copy and you’ve landed here, you’re in the right place. Good copy is for anyone. Stop worrying and contact me!