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Ahhh, SEO.

What makes a copy writer an SEO copy writer?

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on this blog – but it’s been a busy year!

It seems like I get at least one e-mail each week from someone asking me if I write for SEO.

What’s that mean?

Usually when someone is asking that question, it means they’re looking for repetitive keywords tossed together in a seemingly endless loop of uselessness. And they get frustrated when that’s not what you give them.

To me, optimizing your copy on the web just means to write it correctly. Write it for real people to read. If you follow that rule and ensure that you take a few small steps to ensure that your copy will also index well, I think you’re all set for SEO.

Well-written copy for the web should inherently be SEO friendly. Today’s search engine algorithms are better and better at determining whether something is written for human or machine consumption. Try to fool them at your own peril!

Do it the right way!