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Still Squeezing Squeeze Page Copy

A couple months ago someone contacted me through this site and said that they’d been unable to find many squeeze page writers online. He then asked me to explain how working with me would be any different than just buying $39 squeeze page generation software.

Most of the time, I’ve got pretty thick skin, so I think I politely brushed this guy off…which is what I’d do if you called and asked me the same thing. It’s like asking a heart surgeon what the difference would be between his services and your toddler. Even though the toddler may be well equipped with a doctor’s bag and a handy plastic stethoscope, chances are you wouldn’t trust him to evaluate your ticker, much less perform open heart surgery.

So, why waste time trying to do it yourself or hiring someone who isn’t quite sure what a squeeze page is? Hire a solid writer to take care of the details so that you can focus on the rest of your business.

As for the $39 software? Clearly the squeeze page didn’t work or he wouldn’t have called me.