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Let me Americanize Your Sales Copy!

These days it’s fairly common for American companies to outsource overseas. What many people don’t realize is that sometimes those foreign companies outsource here too.

The last couple of years, I’ve had an increase in requests from overseas companies who want to do business with American companies and need a little help making sure their sales copy reads the right way.

Take an India-based software company, for example. It’s a top-notch development company doing business with quite a few Fortune 500 firms. They have their own writing staff — and they’re solid. The trouble is that as good as they are, English isn’t their first language. When they write sales copy, it’s pretty good. An American businessperson could read it and understand it just fine. However, the copy might strike them as a little awkward — a few misused words here and some colloquial language there.

To present the best image companies like the one in the example above send their copy to an American writer like me. I’m able to take the copy that their writers have put together and give it a solid once over. If a paragraph wouldn’t make sense to an American reader, I’ll re-write it. If I find a colloquialism that an American reader wouldn’t understand, I change it. The result: Clear, compelling copy that’s ready for an American audience.

Do you need an American writer to edit and “Americanize” your copy? Don’t take any chances — contact me at [email protected] for a free analysis of your needs.

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